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Manual Vacuum Suction Cup - Main Product (SC-A001)

Quickly attaches to flat, clean, smooth, non-porous surfaces. Ideal for lifting and moving auto parts, materials such as windshields, aquariums, plastics, engine valves, sheet metal, slate and appliances.

    Vacuum Suction Cups: The Perfect Solution for Safe Connections
    Vacuum cups are the ultimate tool when it comes to holding objects securely to a flat, clean, smooth, non-porous surface. With its strong adsorption capacity, this high-quality product provides a safe and reliable solution for a variety of applications.


    1. Quick and Easy Connection

    Vacuum suction cups are designed to attach quickly to flat surfaces, making them ideal for a variety of tasks. Whether you need to install signage, hang a mirror or secure a glass panel, this suction cup provides an easy installation process. It adheres to clean and smooth surfaces, ensuring a strong and reliable hold, allowing you to secure objects with confidence.


    2. Strong Adsorption Force

    One of the main features of vacuum suction cups is their powerful adsorption capacity. The combination of rubber and metal materials provides a strong grip on non-porous surfaces. This ensures that the suction cups stay securely in place even under heavy loads. Whether you're working with glass, metal, or plastic, this suction cup provides a safe attachment you can trust.


    3. Diameter 200mm

    The vacuum cup diameter is 200 mm, providing ample attachment surface area. This larger size allows for a wider range of applications, accommodating a variety of objects of different shapes and sizes. Whether you need to attach a large mirror or a heavy glass panel, this suction cup provides the stability and support needed for such tasks.

    4. High Quality Materials

    The vacuum suction cup is made of high-quality rubber and metal materials to ensure durability and service life. The rubber provides great grip, while the metal parts provide stability and strength. This combination of materials guarantees the reliability of the product and its ability to meet the needs of daily use. Rest assured, the vacuum suction cup will serve you well for years to come.



    All in all, a vacuum cup is a versatile and reliable tool for holding objects securely to flat, clean, smooth, non-porous surfaces. With its quick and easy installation process, strong suction capacity, 200mm diameter and high-quality materials, this suction cup is the perfect solution for a variety of applications. Whether you are a professional tradesman, a vacuum suction cup is an essential tool for you. Invest in this product now and experience the convenience and peace of mind it brings.



    Factory Shooting

    12 (2)115

    Production Process12 (1)w09

    12 (3)t0w12 (6)yt812 (5)fdm

    Made of strong and eco-friendly materials: The glass suction cup pad is made of durable, odorless, extra-strong rubber and metal handle for a strong and ergonomic grip. The unique brass plunger is more durable than plastic and aluminum plungers.

    Safety Indicator: The red line indicator warns the user of any vacuum loss. When the remaining vacuum is displayed below 100%, simply pump the plunger until the original vacuum pressure is reached without removing the cup from the glass.

    Easy to Use: With just a few strokes to pump the plunger, the cup will fully adhere to the surface and maintain suction for over 6 hours. The release stem allows for quick and complete release. Includes a protective cap and a durable plastic box for easy storage and transportation.

    Load Capacity: The vacuum pump suction cup has an 8-inch (200 mm) diameter and a load capacity of 130 kg.

    High Reliability: High reliability is achieved through visual monitoring of the vacuum status.