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4/4.5/5/6/7 Inch Sintered Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

1.Turbo-Row Design with strong steel body and 5mm workable thickness.

2. For grinding concrete/masonry/granite/marble/brick...

3. With good finishing.

    Sintered Turbine Diamond Cup Wheels: High Quality, High Performance
    The Sintered Turbine Diamond Cup Wheel is a high-quality, high-performance tool designed for grinding a variety of materials including concrete, masonry, granite, marble and ceramic tile. With its strong steel body and 5 mm working thickness, this cup grinding wheel offers exceptional durability and efficiency. Available in five sizes - 4, 4.5, 5, 6 and 7 inches - it offers the versatility to meet different grinding needs. Whether you're a professional contractor, this cup wheel is a reliable choice for great results.

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    1. Superior Construction and Durability

    The Wave Turbo diamond saw blade has a diameter of 125 mm and is designed to fit most standard tile cutters. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver, making it ideal for professional contractors. Whether you're working on a small home improvement project or a large construction job, this blade is guaranteed to deliver outstanding results.

    2. Multifunctional Applications

    Sintered turbine diamond cup wheels are suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you need to grind concrete, masonry, granite, marble or ceramic tile, this cup wheel delivers superior performance. Its diamond tips are designed to effectively remove material, leaving a smooth, polished surface. From smoothing uneven concrete surfaces to shaping granite countertops, this cup wheel is a versatile tool that can handle a variety of grinding tasks with ease.

    3. High Quality and Performance

    When it comes to grinding tools, quality and performance are critical. Sintered turbine diamond cup wheels excel in both areas. This cup wheel is manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure excellent performance and longevity. Diamond tips are carefully selected and precisely positioned to provide optimal cutting efficiency and minimize vibration. In addition, the cup-shaped grinding wheel’s high safety factor ensures a safe and reliable grinding experience.

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    All in all, the sintered turbine diamond cup wheel is a top-notch tool with high performance and durability. With its sturdy steel body, 5 mm working thickness and versatile application, it is suitable for a wide range of grinding tasks. Whether you are a professional contractor, this cup wheel will exceed your expectations. Invest in a sintered turbine diamond cup wheel for superior results and a reliable grinding experience.


    Factory Shooting

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    Production Process12 (1)w09

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    1.Turbo-Row Design With Strong Steel Body And 5mm Workable Thickness.

    2. For Grinding Concrete/Masonry/Granite/Marble/Brick...

    3. With Good Finishing.