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5/6/8/10/12/14/15/16/18mm Extra Thin Diamond Core Drill Bit

Diamond Hole Saw is great for drilling holes for tile, ceramic, Dekton granite, marble, masonry, concrete, stone, brick, and normal stone and tiles.

    Ultra-thin Diamond Coring Bit: The Perfect Tool for Drilling Tiles
     When drilling holes in tile, precision and efficiency are crucial. This is where ultra-thin diamond coring bits come in. This special tool is designed for drilling holes in ceramic tiles and offers high quality, performance and safety. Cold pressed and available in nine diameter sizes, this drill is a must-have for any professional.

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    1. Superior Performance and Versatility

    Ultra-thin diamond coring drill bits are specifically designed to meet the challenges of tile drilling. Its unique design and construction ensure excellent performance and versatility. Available in nine diameter sizes - 5/6/8/10/12/14/15/16/18mm - you can easily choose the perfect size for your specific drilling needs. Whether you're working on a small DIY project or a large professional job, this drill has what you need.

    2. Uncompromising Quality and Safety

    When drilling, safety should always be your top priority. Ultra-thin diamond core drill bits are manufactured from the highest quality materials and undergo a strict cold pressing process to ensure their durability and safety. This process not only increases the strength of the drill bit, but also reduces the risk of breakage or damage during drilling. You can trust this drill to deliver superior results while keeping you safe throughout the drilling process.

    3. Efficient and Precise Drilling

    Drilling holes in tile requires precision and skill. Ultra-thin diamond coring drill bits are designed to do just that. Its ultra-thin profile allows for precise drilling, ensuring clean, accurate holes every time. The diamond coating on the drill bit enhances its cutting capabilities for efficient, effortless drilling. Say goodbye to chipped tiles and uneven holes - with this drill, you can achieve professional-grade results with ease.

    4. Suitable for Various Applications

    The versatility of ultra-thin diamond coring bits extends beyond tiles. While it excels at drilling holes in ceramic tile, it can also be used on other materials such as porcelain, glass, and stone. This makes it an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications, from bathroom renovations to kitchen backsplash installation. With this drill bit in your tool box, you can take on any drilling project with confidence knowing you have the right tool for the job.


    All in all, ultra-thin diamond coring drill bits are a game changer when it comes to drilling holes in ceramic tiles. Its high quality, performance and high safety factor make it a reliable and indispensable tool for professionals. With nine diameter sizes, a cold-pressed process and superior drilling capabilities, this drill is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve precise and efficient drilling results. Invest in an ultra-thin diamond coring drill bit and experience the difference it can make in your drilling project.


    Factory Shooting

    12 (2)115

    Production Process12 (1)w09

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    Extra Thin Diamond Core Drill Bit Is Great For Drilling Holes For Tile, Ceramic, Dekton Granite, Marble, Masonry, Concrete, Stone, Brick, And Normal Stone And Tiles.